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tag/attrib/value description
Capture   Represents the results from a single subexpression capture. Capture represents one substring for a single successful capture.
CaptureCollection   Represents a sequence of capture substrings. CaptureCollection returns the set of captures done by a single capturing group.
Group   Group represents the results from a single capturing group. A capturing group can capture zero, one, or more strings in a single match because of quantifiers, so Group supplies a collection of Capture objects.
GroupCollection   Represents a collection of captured groups. GroupCollection returns the set of captured groups in a single match.
Match   Represents the results from a single regular expression match.
MatchCollection   Represents the set of successful matches found by iteratively applying a regular expression pattern to the input string.
Regex   Represents an immutable regular expression.
RegexCompilationInfo   Provides information that the compiler uses to compile a regular expression to a stand-alone assembly.
MatchEvaluator   The delegate that is called each time a regular expression match is found during a Replace operation.
RegexOptions   Provides enumerated values to use to set regular expression options.