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tag/attrib/value description
AnchorEditor   Provides a user interface for configuring an Anchor property.
AxImporter   Imports ActiveX controls and generates a wrapper that can be accessed by a designer.
AxImporter.Options   Represents a set of options for an AxImporter.
ComponentDocumentDesigner   Extends design-time behavior for a design document that supports Windows Forms child components.
ComponentEditorForm   Provides a user interface for a WindowsFormsComponentEditor.
ComponentEditorPage   Provides a base implementation for a ComponentEditorPage.
ComponentTray   Provides behavior for the component tray of the form designer. The component tray represents components that do not otherwise provide a visible surface at design time and provides a way for users to access and set the properties of those components.
ControlDesigner   Extends design-time behavior for components that extend Control.
  Provides an AccessibleObject for ControlDesigner.
DocumentDesigner   Provides a designer that extends the ScrollableControlDesigner and implements IRootDesigner.
EventsTab   Provides a PropertyTab that can display events for selection and linking.
FileNameEditor   Provides a user interface for selecting a file name.
MenuCommands   Defines a set of CommandID fields that each correspond to a command function provided by the host environment.
ParentControlDesigner   Extends design-time behavior for a Windows Forms control. This designer extends ControlDesigner and provides a selection UI handler and the ability to add and manipulate nested components.
PropertyTab   Provides a base class for property tabs.
ScrollableControlDesigner   Extends design-time behavior for scrollable controls.
WindowsFormsComponentEditor   Provides a base class for editors that use a modal dialog to display a properties page similar to an ActiveX control's property page.
AxImporter.IReferenceResolver   Provides methods to resolve references to ActiveX libraries, COM type libraries or assemblies, or managed assemblies.
IMenuEditorService   Provides access to the menu editing service.
IUIService   Enables interaction with the user interface of the development environment object that is hosting the designer.
IWindowsFormsEditorService   Provides an interface to display Windows Forms dialog boxes or forms, and drop down list controls.
SelectionRules   Defines identifiers that are used to indicate selection rules for a component.